AGP S3 ViRGE GX2 SGRAM Version with TV-out

  • 66Mhz AGP Baseline High-performance 64-bit 2D/3D graphics engine with TV-out feature.
  • Support SGRAM 2MB Video Memory or SGRAM 4MB Video Memory up to 83/100Mhz.
  • Multi-Language version ExpertColor MediPro Power Tools for Easy-to-use & Softeare MPEG to support for popular playback CD-ROM titles within Windows.
  • SmartFilter Technology & Parallel Processing Perspective Engine for Blazing 3D Performance.
  • Enhance memory bandwidth management for High Performance 2D Graphics Acceleration.
  • Hardware Horizontal & Vertical Interpolation for Smooth Upscaling and Motion Video.
  • Advanced Playback Capabilities for High-quality hardware-assisted video playback.
  • Simultaneous Display with integrated TV-out feature for NTSC/PAL TV system.

ViRGE GX2 Advanced 3D Technology

  • Advanced MIP mapping and tri-linear filtering to deliver images that are free of annoying visual artifacts such as "sparkle" and "jaggies."
  • Transparency to enable realistic rendering of glass, water and plastic objects.
  • Atmospheric effects such as fog and depth cueing to enable the rendering of real-world environments.
  • Z-buffering to speed the removal of hidden surfaces for improved performance and visual quality.
  • Perspective Correction & Video texture mapping.
Resolution Colors VS(Hz)
640*480 16\16.7M 60\72\75\85
640*480 256\32K\64K 60\72\75\85
800*600 256\64K\16.7M 60\72\75
1024*768 256\64K\16.7M* 60\66\70\72\75
1280*1024 16\256\32K* 60\72\75
1600*1200 256\32K* 60\70

* : 4MB memory Installed

Software Drivers Included:

  • MediPro Power Tool : (Windows 3.1x & Windows 95)
    Instant 'On-the-fly" Resoultion and Refresh Rate change.
    Detect or select Monitor Type (DDC1/2B) & Monitor Centering.
    Multi-language Auto-Translation under Windows 95.
    Hot Key for Zoom-in, Zoom-out, Desktop Size & Screen-off.
  • Windows NT/OpenGL
  • Software Link MPEG Utility for MPEG-1.

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Specification subject to change without prior notice.

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.
All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective companies.