Designed based on S3's ViRGE/DX chipset, DataExpert's DSV3325DX is a tailor-mode solution for corporate and Home PC users looking for reliability. This graphics accelerator is a fail-safe device, providing reliable performance and 2D/3D image quality on a wide-range of PC platforms.

Graphics Processor :

Bus Interface :

Memory Configuration :
2/ 4MB EDO DRAM memory

2D/3D Graphics Features :
PCI bus 64-bit high performance 2D
graphics acceleration

Flat and Gouraud shading for 3D

High quality 3D texture mapping


Perspective correction with a parallel
processing perspective engine

Bi-linear and tri-linear texture filtering

Depth cueing, fogging, alpha blending

Video texture mapping


Connectors :

DB-15 analog monitor connector
Local Peripheral Bus (LPB) interface

Compatibility :
VESA® 2.0
VESA® Display Power Management Signaling (DPMS)
DDC2 monitor communications support

Video Playback Features:
Software Link MPEG Utility for MPEG-1
VCD 2.0 Inteeractive Playback

Software Driver :
MS DOS 5.0 or higher
MS Windows 95 , Windows 3.11
MS Windows NT 4.0 / OpenGL

Table of display resolutions, colors
and refresh frequency :

Resolution Colors VS(Hz)
640 480 256\32K\64K 60\72\75\85
800 600 256\64K\16.7M 60\72\75
1024 768 256\64K\16.7M* 60\66\70\72\75
1280 1024 16\256\32K* 60\72\75
1600 1200 256\32K* 60\70
* 4MB memory Installed
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