Offers 100MHz CPU/DRAM bus frequency

@ The MVP7598 motherboard is a high performance, cost-effective implementaition for AGP/PCI/ISA PC systems ranging from 66MHz to 100MHz, based on 64-bit Socket-7 Processors. @
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<2> System BIOS
Supports Green function, Plug and play Flash ROM
PC 97 Compatible Power Management
<3> I/O SPEC.
Integrated IDE Controller with Ultra DMA/33 support
2 x 20200 UART compatible enhanced serial port
1 x High performance EPP/ECP parallel port functions
1 x Floppy Disk interfaces
1 x Ir Jumper
2 x Universal Serial Bus (U.S.B.)
Supports LS-120 Floppy Disk Drive
Supports PS/2 Mouse connector
<4> System Memory
3 x DIMM slots supporting SDRAM-II, SDRAM or EDO/FPM DRAM
Auto banking in multiple configurations up to 384MB
<1> Architecture
3 x PCI Local Bus and 3 x 16 ISA Bus slots
1 x 32-bit AGP (Accelerated Graphic Port) Slot
All 3 PCI Local Bus slots support Bus mastering
PCI Ver. 2.1 Compliant
AGP Ver. 1.0 Compliant
<5> Chipset
VIA Apollo MVP3
<8> Others
AT Form Factor
Supports High Efficiency switching power supply
Voltage range 2.0V to 3.5V which supports all kinds of CPUs
Supports Auto stop CPU Fan in suspend mode
Supports monitoring of: temperature, power supply voltage and Fan speed
<7> CPU
Support all socket-7 Processors, including 64-bit Pentium /Pentium with MMX, AMD 6K86 (K6 ), Cyrix/IBM 6x86 /6x86MX and IDT C6 CPUs
Supports 65/75/83/100MHz bus speeds therefore allowing for speeds > 300MHz
<6> Cache Memory
Default 512K pipelined burst
Optional 256K/1024K pipelined burst
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