ACER Plus PC 97 Compliance Pentium-based PCI 2.1 AT-form Motherboard.
2x 16550 Fast Serial Port, 1 Multi-mode Standard/ ECP/ EPP Parallel Port, 2 x Bus Masters (Ultra DMA/ 33 Mode) EIDE Port, FDC Port with PS2 mouse function and 2 x Universal Serial Bus (USB) port pin-header optional.
On-board 4 x EDO DRAM SIMMs and 2 x 168-pin DIMM socket with ECC support.
Support MMX CPU Intel P55C 166~233Mhz, AMD K6-Write Allocation feature and Cyrix M2-Linear Wrap Mode for High Performance.


  • AT Form-Factor design Intel/ AMD Pentium-based motherboard with 512K Pipeline Burst Cache.
  • Supports Intel Pentium Family CPU running at 75Mhz~200Mhz, Intel MMX P55C 166/ 200/ 233Mhz; AMD K5 Pentium-level CPU 100/ 133/ 166/ 200, AMD K6 200Mhz/ 233Mhz MMX CPU and Cyrix M2-166~200Mhz CPU (50/ 55/ 60/ 66/ 75Mhz).
  • Design based on P54C Aladdin VI plus series with drivers support for 2 x Ultra DMA/ 33 with 33Mhz data transfer rate Master IDE controllers and Advanced Power Management.
    Supports Auto Voltage detection for fast and easy CPU installation or CPU upgradeables.
  • Provides Advanced Switching Voltage techniques to support low Thermal Power Dissipation design.
  • Provides Easy Configurable DIP Switching method for CPU Frequency setting.
  • Integrated Programmable 2 fast serial (16550) / 1 Parallel (Standard/ ECP/ EPP) / FDC controller/ PS/2 Mouse Port, 2 x PCI Bus Master (DMA/33 Mode) IDE controllers.
  • Provides 3 x 16-bit ISA compatible slot & 4 x Concurrent PCI 2.1 interface expansion slot.
    Supports Auto-banking 4MB~256MB Memory utilizing 4 x 72 pin EDO/ FPM SIMMs and 2 x 3.3V 168-pin DIMMs with ECC Feature (SIMMs with Parity RAM) to provides single-error correction, double-error correction and detection of all errors confined to a single nibble for the DRAM data integrity.
    Support Flash BIOS for Plug & Play/ Anti-Virus/ DMI/ LS120 Technology Features to provides an ease-of-use add-on cards configuration for users.
  • Supports optional Universal Serial Bus Port and Infrared IR port (115.2Kpbs/Sec) pin header ready.

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