Pentium Mainboard

TX 430II

Intel I430TX PCIset support
Pentium P54C up to 200MHz processors
Supports Pentium P55C up to 233MHz processors
Supports Cyrix 6x86, 6x86L, M2, AMD K5, K6 processors

4 PCI Local Bus slots and 3 x 16 bit ISA Bus slots
PCI Bus bandwidth up to 100MB/S
PCI 2.1 Compliant

Cache Memory
512K pipeline burst SRAM on board

System Memory
168-pin DIMM x 2 support SDRAM or EDO/FPM (Fast Page Mode) DRAM
72-pin SIMM module x 4 support EDO/FPM DRAMs
Auto banking in multiple configuration up to 256MB
DIMM voltage select (3.3V)

Supports High Efficiency Switching power supply
Voltage range 2.0V to 3.5V supports all kinds of CPU
Supports auto stop CPU FAN in suspend mode
Supports auto slow down CPU when over temperature (optional)

2 PCI IDE interface on board support ATA spec. up to mode 4 and bus master mode and Ultra DMA 33MB/sec.
Supports two 16550 compatible enhanced serial port
High performance EPP/ECP parallel port function
Floppy disk interface
Supports the Universal Serial Bus (U.S.B) x 2
Ir Jumper (Optional)
Supports LS-120 Floppy Disk Drive.
Supports PS/2 Mouse Connector

System BIOS
Supports Green Feature, Plug and Play Flash ROM
BIOS supports IDE CD-ROM and SCSI HD boot-up

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Specification subject to change without prior notice.

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.
All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective companies.