@ 3DVenus
@ A High Preformance 2D/3D AGP Graphic Accelerator for the mainstream Multimedia PC Market.
The DSV5366 accelerator delivers the Industry Leading 2D Graphics Acceleration, Advanced Video Capabilities and "Business-Ready3D Graphics. Its performance and quality are highly effective in today's business environment -- an excellent 2D/3D applications enhancement.




(4MB SGRAM on board)

Graphics Processor :
S3® Trio 3D

Bus Interface :
DSV5366 AGP V2.0 compliant

Memory Configuration :
2/4MB SGRAM memory
4MB SDRAM memory

2D/3D Graphics Features :
128-bit piplelined architecture.
Supports 125MHz SGRAM memory
Supports the S3 Burst Command Interface
230MHz RAMDAC Speed
Tri-linear filtering
Perspective correction of textures
Transparency for enabling realistic rendering
Fog and depth cueing to facilitate the rendering of realworld environments

3D API Compatibility :
Windows and DOS with full Direct 3D™ and OpenGL™ Support

Connectors :

Local Peripheral Bus (LPB) / Video Interface Port (VIP) compliant devices

Compatibility :
VESA® 2.0
VESA® Display Power Management Signaling (DPMS)
DDC2 monitor communications support

Video Playback Features:
Supports the high quality video manipulation (blending/stretching/scaling)
Ability to simultaneously accelerate dual video windows
Provides an optimal hardware platform for advanced video conferencing and video training applications on mainstream business PCs
Supports the third party multimedia peripherals such as video cameras, TV-tuners and DVD/MPEG-2 decoders

Software Driver :
MS DOS 5.0 or higher
MS Windows 98, Windows 95 and Windows 3.11
MS Windows NT 4.0
OS/2 2.1 and 3.0


Table of display resolutions, colors and
refresh frequency :

Resolution Colors VS(Hz)
640 480 256/64K/16.7M 200\200\200
800 600 256/64K/16.7M 160\160\160
1024 768 256/64K/16.7M 120\120\120
1152 864 256/64K 120\120\120
1280 1024 256/64K 100\100

MB:DataExpert MLX8440 PII300; System memory:
64KB SEC-L6;
HDD: Quantum FIREBALL_TM2550A;
CD-ROM:DataExpert 24x; Display Monitor: LITE-ON 17"
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