64-bit SiS 6326 Multimedia Accelerator
DSI5326 provides high interation, super performance and feature-rich 3D / 2D graphics video accelerator. DSI5326 combines a powerful 50M pixels / sec dual-textured fill rate, full Direct X features set and fast AGP 2X support. The 64bit DSI5326 achieves 3D realism that is without precedent and brilliant 2D performance at a very competitive price.

Graphics Processor :
SiS 6326

Bus Interface :  

Memory Configuration :
4 or 8 MB memory on board

2D/3D Graphics Features :
Supports Turbo Queue (Software Command Queue in off-screen memory) architecture to achieve extra-high  performance
Built-in Direct Draw Accelerator
Supports memory-mapped, zero wait -state, burst engine write
Built-in 64*32 CRT FIFOs to support super high resolution graphics modes and reduce CPU wait-state
Built-in 32-bit   floating point format VLIW triangle setup engine
Peak Polygon rate: 800K Polygone/sec @ 50 pixel / polygon with Gouraud shaded, point-sampled, linear and bilinear texture mapping
Supports solid, flat and Gouraud shading
Supports stipple patterns, stipple alpha, linear and ROP
Supports Z-buffer and alpha buffer
Supports point-sampled, linear and tri-linear texture filtering
Supports MIP structure texture
Supports texture transparency, blending, wrapping, mirror and clamping
Supports fogging, alpha blending and primitive transparency

Video Playback Features:
Half pixel resolution compensation
Supports YUV-to-RGB color space conversion
Supports graphics and video overlay function
Supports Direct Draw Drivers

TV-Out :
Built-in complete NTSC/PAL video encoder
Supports VGA and TV simultaneous outtput
Supports TV image positioning by hardware
Supports under-scan and over-scan scaling

Compatibility :
VESA® 2.0
VESA® Display Power Management Signaling (DPMS)
VESA DDC1 and DCC2B for PnP   monitors

Connectors :
Supports VMI compliant devices

Software Driver :
MSWindows 98 and 95
MS Windows NT3.5, 4.0 and 5.0
MS Windows 3.X and OS/2 Æ 2.1 and 3.0

Table of display resolutions, colors
and refresh frequency :

Resolution Colors VS(Hz)
640 480 256\64K\16.7K 120\120\120
800 600 256\64K\16.7M 120\120\120
1024 768 256\64K\16.7M 120\120\75
1280 1024 256\64K\16.7M 75\75\43
1600 1200 256 75
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