dsv5390.gif (13951 bytes) SAVANT 3D
High Preformance 2D/3D/Video AGP Graphic Accelerator
Watch your card wild with DSV5390! With the 128-bit engine, DSV5390 new single-cycle trilinear-filtering techique brings eye-popping 3D realism to life on your monitor or TV-screen (optional TV-out function). You will never have to spend time waiting for brilliant 3D rendering again. Catch the most vivid and realistic images through powerful 16-million true color with DSV5390 !!

Graphics Processor :
S3® Savage 3D™

Bus Interface :

Memory Configuration :
4 or 8MB memory on board

2D/3D Graphics Features :
Highy Optimized 128 bit Graphics Engine
Full Featured 2D Engine for acceleration of Bitbit, Rectangle Fill, Line Draw Polygon Fill,
Panning / Scolling and HW Cursor
8, 16 and 32 bpp Mode Acceleration
Single Cycle Trilinear Filtering
® exture Compression
True Color Rendering
Void and Cluster Dithering for 16 bit Modes
Specular Lighting and Diffuse Shading
Alpha Blending Modes
MPEG-2 Video Textures
Edge Anti-Aliasing
16 or 24-bit Z-Buffering
Sprite Anti-Aliasing, Reflection and Environment Mapping, Texture Morphing, Shadows, Procedural Textures and Atmospheric Effects

TV-out :
Integrated NTSC / PAL Encoder
Simultaneous CRT and TV Display

Next Generation in Image Quality :

New Single Cycle 3D Architecture
5M Triangles / second Triangle Setup Engine
128-bit Dual Rendering Pipeline
125M pixels / sec Trilinear Fill Rate
Full AGP 2X Implementation including Sideband Adderssing and AGP Execution

Connectors :
supports Feature Connector devices

Motion Video Architecture :
High Quality Up / Down Scalar
Motion Compensation
Subpicture Blending and Highlights
Optimized Software DVD Decoders
Multiple Video Windows
Brightness, Hue and Saturation Controls
Glueless Interface for HW MPEG-2 Decoders and Video Digitizers

Software Driver :
MS Windows 98 and Windows 95
MS Windows NT 3.5, 4.0 and 5.0
MS Windows 3.X and OS/2 2.1 and 3.0
OpenGL™ ICD for Windows 9X and NT

Table of display resolutions, colors and
refresh frequency :

Resolution Colors VS(Hz)
640 480 256/64K/16.7M 60\72\75\85\160
800 600 256/64K/16.7M 56\60\72\75\85\160
1024 768 256/64K/16.7M 60\70\75\85\130
1280 1024 256/64K/16.7M* 60\75\85\100
1600 1200* 256/64K/16.7M* 60\75\85
* 8MB Memory Installed
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