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@ The hottest AGP Graphic Accelerator with the coolest 2D/3D game performance.
The DVT5200 performs exceedingly well on 3D game and graphics, video decompression and 3D rendering. Its Alpha Transparency, Fog and other 3D features are really impressive -- a " must-have " for all
real gamers.
@ Graphics Processor :
Rendition® Vérité V2200

Bus Interface :
AGP V2.0 compliant

Memory Configuration :
4MB / 8MB SGRAM memory

2D/3D Graphics Features :
Complete 2D acceleration support for VESA2.0 & VGA modes
Target 2D WM'97 performance
100M WM
Target DirectDraw performance
> 150 FPS

Excellent performance in the DOS
games environment

Sub-pixel / Sub-texel position accuracy
Flat and Gouraud Shading
True per-pixel perspective correction
Bi-linear and tri-linear filtering
Alpha blending, fog, chroma-keying

Compatibility :
VESA® 2.0
VESA® Display Power Management Signaling (DPMS)
® DDC2B for PnP monitors

Video Playback Features:
Motion compensation for software DVD/MPEG2
Full support for hardware DVD playback
Support full-screen scalable video playback
Utilized high-precision filtering engine No decimation

Software Driver :
MS DOS 5.0 or higher
MS Windows 95
MS Windows NT 4.0

3D API Compatibility :
Windows and DOS with full Direct 3D™ and OpenGL™ Support
Rendition RRedline™
Rendition Speedy 3D™


Table of display resolutions, colors and refresh frequency :

Resolution Colors VS(Hz)
640 480 256/64K/16.7M 60\72
800 600 256/64K/16.7M 56\60\72\75\85
1024 768 256/64K/16.7M 60\70\72\75\85
1152 864 256/64K/16.7M Optimal
1280 1024 256/64K/16.7M Optimal

MB:DataExpert MLX8440 PII300; System memory: 64KB; HDD: Quantum FIREBALL_TM2550A; CD-ROM:DataExpert 24x; Display Monitor: LITE-ON 17"
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