• PM3040 High-End Graphics Accelerator
    3DLabs PERMEDIA 3D Acceleration Windows 95 Plug n Play PCI Accelerator with DDC1/DDC2B support. Super 2D, Business 3D Performance with 4MB SGRAM Video Memory. Supports MPEG-2 Video Stream Capability for full screen, full Motion Playback. Supports High Quality Drivers for Direct3D, DirectDraw, Heidi & OpenGL .

  • Design based on 3DLabs/TI PERMEDIA Chipset / TI True Color RAMDAC Accelerator chipset.
  • Supports 4MB SGRAM upgradable to 8MB SGRAM module for high Performance.
  • Integrated mainstream 2D acceleration with super-fast 3D performance
    - Over 30Hz textured full-screen animation rates
    - 30 M pixels/sec. - textured, bilinear filtered with true per-pixel perspective
    - 600 K polygons/sec. - textured, bilinear filtered with true per-pixel perspective
  • Advanced 3D rendering for immersive gameplay
    - High-quality, bilinear-filtered texture mapping at over 30Hz full screen rates
    - Full screen anti-aliasing
    - Full alpha-blend translucency and advanced 3D alpha-based compositing
    - Atmospheric effects and specular texture highlights
  • Extensive software drivers - for accelerated 3D applications
    - Direct3D and DirectDraw drivers for Windows 95
    - Optimized Heidi drivers for seamlessly accelerated 3D Studio MAX
    - Full OpenGL Installable Client Driver - for optimum OpenGL performance
  • Optimized Windows NT, Windows 95 and QuickDraw 2D drivers.
  • Supports software MPEG Player for VCD 2.0 Interactive, Karaoke & MPEG-1 titles.

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