64 Voices will be Music to your Ears
Imagine a world without sound. Now imagine a world through DataExpert's MED6724.
Everything would sound so clear, so realistic, that it would be hard to tell if that world exists or not.
That's because DataExpert's MED6724 utilizes Yamaha's latest in audio technology. The YMF724E chipset has such features as a 64-voice XG wavetable synthesizer, DirectSound and DirectMusic, hardware acceleration, and Downloadable Sound (DLS) support.
Not to mention the many effects it can handle: Reverb, Variation, Chorus, Sondius-XG virtual acoustic synthesis and Sensaura 3D positional sound.
It's only fair to warn you: after using DataExpert's MED6724, the real world might not sound as good anymore.

  • YAMAHA PCI Audio Controllers YMF724E
  • 32-bit PCI Bus Master, PCI 2.1 Interface Compliant
  • High-Quality Digital Audio and AC'97 Support
  • Hardware 64-Voice XG Capital Wavetable Synthesizer
  • Programmable Effects Processor that provides Reverb and Enhanced 3D Positional Audio
  • Supports Hardware accelerated DirectSound and DirectMusic
  • Legacy Audio Block supports OPL3, Sound Blaster Pro, MPU401 UART mode and Joystick functions
  • DOS Legscy support by PC/PCI and DDMA
  • Supports Serialized IRQ
  • Supports Sensaura Sound Position Function
  • 2.4W * 2 Power Amplifier Built In
  • S/N Ratio better or equal to 90dB
  • Full Compatibility with Major Sound Standards including: DirectX Driver Suit ( DirectSound3D, DirectSound, DirectMusic, Directinput), Windows 95 / Windows 98

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