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  • S3 SonicVibes PCI 3D SRS Surround Audio Accelerator
  • S3 InfiniPatch - Unlimited Sound Palette for Microsoft DirectMusic API
  • Professional PCI AUDIO for Internet, Games, Business and Entertainment.
Design based on S3 PCI Audio SonicVibes, MED6617 is as PCI 2.1 based audio processor that integrates the capabilities of a "sound card on a chip" – delivering affordable sound quality previously found only in expensive, high-end studio systems without sacrificing essential legacy support for the huge installed base of Sound BlasterTM compatible applications. With its PCI bus mastering capability, it ensures extremely low system overhead for audio data transfers, freeing the use of system memory for downloadable MIDI patchsets or Microsoft DirectMusicTM samples. The MED6617 PCI S3 SonicVibes also provides powerful audio software enhancements, including wavetable, and SRS 3D Surround acceleration-making it an ideal gaming platform on PC and Internet. The Digital Game Port Timer improves overall system performance by offloading from the CPU.


  • Enable a substantial increase in performance by moving audio acceleration from the 6MB/s (Megabytes per second) ISA bus to the 100+MB/s PCI bus.
  • Provide 100 percent compatibility with SoundBlaster Pro games utilizing Distributed DMA, DOS applications and Windows.
  • Lower overall system cost by integrating the sound capabilities of a traditional sound card, including Wavetable music synthesis, FM synthesis and an audio codec onto a single-chip solution.
  • These features include a speed compensation joystick interface, the stereo auxiliary inputs and the patented stereo field expansion circuitry of 3D Surround based on SRS Laboratories.
  • Provide an unlimited sound palette through its support of Microsoft's DirectMusic API.
  • Full duplex for Interactive Audio : Record and playback simultaneously.
  • Integrated MIDI UART with FIFO for both input and output with MPU-401 interface.
  • Integrated dual game port with Digital Game Port Interface.

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