MED 3700

  • YAMAHA 16-bit, Full Duplex, Software 32 polyphony Wavetable Sound Card
    Sit back and enjoy the fantastic sound from this YAMAHA OPL3 FM sythersizer with software 32 polyphony wavetable sound card when you play your all time favorite music hits. Now with full duplex drivers provided, the MED3719 allows simultaneous recording and playback of PC audio and communication over the Internet Phone software.

  • Supports YAMAHA OPL3 & 32 polyphony software Wavetable for business and entertainment
  • Provides software 32 polyphony Wavetable quality for the ultimate realistic instrument sounds for Windows 3.x and Windows 95.
  • Produces true 16-bit 44.1 Khz stereo sounds, changing your ordinary PC into a professional playback and recording studio.
  • Full Duplex Capability - allows full duplex communication over Internet Phone and simultaneous playback and recording of PC audio.
  • Full compatibility with the major sound standards including AdLib? Sound Blaster Pro?and Microsoft?Windows Sound System.
  • Provides YAMAHA OPL3 synthesizer chip ensures compatibility with the major sound standards so that you can play with the software of your choice !
  • Multi-language version Audio Session utility for easy audio control under Windows.

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