AGP, PCI, ISA Bus Pentium II Motherboard

The Advanced Slot 1, AGP-supporting MLX8440 now features an Intelligent Hardware Monitor !
@ In addition to the existing features on Intel's Pentium II - based MLX8440, the Intelligent Hardware Monitor is a worry-free new feature which controls the temperature, power supply voltage and fan speed. It is an energy-saving design for better power-management and system control which provides longer life cycle for your PC systems. @
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<2> System BIOS
Supports Green feature, Plug and Play Flash ROM
BIOS supports IDE CD-ROM and SCSI HD boot-up
<3> Chipset
Intel 82440LX PCIset
<4> Power Connector
3V, 5V and 12V ATX Power Connector
<1> Architecture
4 PCI Local Bus slots and 3*16 bits ISA Bus slots
All 4 PCI slots support Master mode
PCI Bus bandwidth up to 100MB/S
PCI V2.1 Compliant
32-bit AGP (Accelerated Graphic Port) Slot * 1
<5> CPU
Intel Pentium II Processor, SLOT 1:
Operating at 233~333MHz
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<8> Others
Supports High Efficency Switching power supply (V.R.M) on board
ATX form factor 18cm * 30.5cm
Hardware Monitor :
Supports CPU/Power FAN status monitoring and alarm, CPU voltage, system temperature monitoring
<7> I/O SPEC
2 PCI IDE interface on board support ATA spec. up to mode 4, bus master mode and Ultra DMA 33MB/SEC
Supports two 16550 UART compatible enhanced serial port
High performance EPP/ECP parallel port functions
Floppy disk interface
Supports the Universal Serial Bus (U.S.B.) * 2
Supports PS/2 Mouse Connector
Supports LS-120 Floppy Disk Drive
IR Jumper (optional)
<6> System Memory
168 pin DIMM * 3 support 3.3V EDO DRAM or SDRAM
Auto banking in multiple configuration up to 384MB
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