Enjoy Three Features at Once !
    Fast PCI Graphics Accelerator
    Simutaneous CRT and TV output
    Total Video Conference Solution

  • Design based on Graphics Accelerator + AITech TV output + Ivision Camera chipset.
  • PCI 2.1 compatibility with Plug & Play features.
  • Supports 2MB (upgradable) or 4MB EDO Video Memory.

Video Conference Features

  • ITU Standard H.324 for Modem/LAN/Internet.
  • Software programmable Video to assure clear display under dimm light and dark environment.
  • Digital camera with adjustable image size up to 512x480 pixels
  • Auto Display Rate adjstment up to 15 frames/sec depending on available bandwidth.
  • Video Capture software to save images and full motion video at 16/24 bits per pixel.
  • Allows full duplex audio for natural conversation with Audio card installed.

VGA/TV Features

  • Supports multiple TV Output standards for NTSC/PAL at 640x480 in 50Hz or 60Hz.
  • Provides AV output jack, composite and S-Video output port.
  • Advanced Anti-flicker filter for stable quality display on TV screen.

Software Drivers included

  • Windows 95/NT/DOS
  • MediPro Power Tool: Multi-Language version
  • TV-out Utility Drivers
  • Video Capture Software Tool

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