• Conforms to ITU Standard H.324 Compliance.
  • PCI 2.1 compatibility with Plug & Play feature.
  • Video-in-a-window with Scaling, Color space conversion, High-resolution VGA modes support and 16M color support.
  • Video capture with no on-board video memory, using PCI bus mastering.
  • Up to 15 frames/sec for each video stream (local and remote) depending on available bandwidth.
  • Video-for-Windows capture driver for Windows 95.
  • Supports motion video over modem connections from 14.4kbps/28.8kbps for two way transmission of COLOR video.
  • Allows full duplex audio for natural conversation with Audio card installed.

Hardware Requirements

  • PC with Pentium processor and Windows 95 Operating System.
  • Required for Audio function:
  • To send audio: Microphone and 16-bit sound card.
  • For full duplex audio: a full duplex capable, Sound Blaster compatible with drivers.
  • For audio output: earphones or speakers
  • Internet connection via modem, LAN or ISDN.

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