EXP 8P61
  • Intel 440FX PENTIUM PRO Motherboard
  • AT design based on Intel 440FX chipset with jumperless & auto-voltage detection support for Intel Pentium Pro P6 , P6S and P6T processors.
  • Compliance with Flash BIOS, FP/EDO/Burst EDO DRAM SIMMs support.
  • Advanced Switching Voltage techniques to support low Thermal Dissipation design.
  • Supports 4MB~256MB FP/EDO DRAM utilizing 4x 72 pin SIMMs sockets.
  • Provides 4x16-bit ISA compatible slots & 4x PCI 2.1 interface expansion slots.
  • Supports 2 x PCI Bus Master IDE ports to reduce the work load of the Host Processor or CPU.
  • Integrated 2 Serial (16550), 1 Parallel (ECP/EPP), FDC controller, pin header PS/2 Mouse Port.
  • Supports USB Port pin header for Device Expansion & optional infrared IR.

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