EXP 8661
  • Intel 430VX P54c/P55c PCI 2.1 Motherboard
    2x16550 Serial Port,1 ECP/EPP Parallel Port,2x Bus Master EIDE Port & FDC Port Windows 95 Plug&Play Compliance with Flash BIOS, DRAM/EDO/SYNC DRAM SIMMs support,MESI Protocol for L2 Pipeline Burst Cache support.


  • EXP8661 is a Intel 75/90/100/133/150/166/180/200 Mhz P54C/P55C & Cyrix 6x86 P120,P150. P166 Mhz 256K Pipeline Burst Cache upgradeable to 512k Cache with Cache Module SIMM socket.
  • Support 3.3V/2.9V/2.5V selectable for Intel P55C 200Mhz & Intel OverDrives upgradeable.
  • Design based on P54C Intel 430VX(371/437/438) with Bus Master IDE Controller integrated.
  • Supports MESI Protocol (Modified Exclusive Shared Invaid) to maintain the data coherence for L2 Cache to optimize CPU bus utilization.
  • Supports 4MB-256MB DRAM/EDO Memory utilizing 4 x 72 pin SIMMs socket.
  • Supports 1 x 168-pin DIMM socket for 3.3V/5V Synchronous Asymmetrical Single/Double DRAM Module.
  • Integrated Programmable 2 serials (16550) / 1 Parallel (ECP/EPP) /FDC controller (Winbond 787/768)/ps2 Mouse Port and Mini-din PS2 Keyboard option.
  • Support 2 x PCI Bus Master IDE ports to reduce the work load of the Host Processor or CPU.
  • Support Flash AMI BIOS for Plug & Play/DMI Features to provides an ease-of-use feature of installation for configuration of add-on cards for users. NCR PCI SCSI firmware integrated in System BIOS.
  • Support Universal Serial BUs POrt for USB Device Expansion & Infrared IR (1152Kbps/Sec) option.

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