The BEST Total Solution provider for Basic
Multimedia PC and Net PC users

DataExpert's MGX7520 utilizes Cyrix Media GXM processor, integrates onboaard
Graphics and 3D surround sound to offer basic PC users the most cost-effective multimedia
platform. This All-In-One motherboard supports TV-out fuunction, and is upgradable to
256MB of memory. It is System Integrators' best hassle-free selection to meet the demand
and needs of users in basic multimedia and network PC markets.

Desktop System Management Interface(DMI)
Enhanced System Managemant Mode(SMM)
2 PCI master mode and 1 ISA slot
System BIOS
Supports 2MB PnP Flash ROM can update new BIOS firmware
System Memory
Expandable memory up to 256MB
2 * 168 pin DIMM socket support SDRAM/DRAM
On board super Multi-I/O chip supports:
2*16550 UART compatible serial ports
1*standard SPP/ EPP/ ECP parallel port
1*1.2/1.44/2.88MB floppy disk drive interface
Ir Interface
2*PCI IDE port (PIO mode 4)
Supports PS/2 mouse connector
4 layer PCB, 22cm × 22cm Baby AT form factor
Provides CPU Power Managemant Status in suspend mode
Sound (optional)
3D surround sound
Full duplex playback and recording
Auto hardware switching mode between WSS(Windows Sound System) and SB(Sound Blaster) without program setting
16 bit stereo 44KHz sampling rate voice playback/recording
Standard IBM PC Joystick / game port (Dual channel)
External MIDI port for external MIDI keyboard
Cyrix CX5520 chipset supports Integrated Graphics and Memory control
On board VGA supports 1024*768 with 65536 high color and 1280* 1024 with 256 colors
Supports two kinds of display devices CRT monitor and TV
64 bit 200~266MHz Cyrix Media GXM Processors
An internal 16KB Write-Back L1 cache
TV-Out (optional)
TV Rosolution
640*480 underscan/ overscan
800*600 underscan
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