Cyrix Media GX/GXi Motherboard
@ CPU & Chipset :
64 bit P120~200MHz Cyrix Media GX/GXi Processors
Cyrix CX5510 chipset supports integrated Graphics and Memory control
An internal 16KB Write-Back L1 cache

Architecture :
Desktop System Management Interface (DM)
Enhanced System Management Mode (SMM)
3 PCI slots (can use 2 master mode) and 2 ISA slots

System Memory :
4*72 pin SIMM and 1*168 pin DIMM socket (share) support FPM/EDO DRAM
Expandable memory up to 128MB
DIMM module 3.3V/5V jumper selectable

Others :
Supports High Efficiency Switching power supply
4 layer PCB 22cm * 22cm Baby AT form factor
Provides CPU Power Management Status
in suspend mode

System BIOS :
Supports 2M Plug and Play Flash ROM
can update new BIOS firmware

On board super Multi - I/O chip supports :
2 * 16550 UART compatible serial ports
1 * standard SPP/EPP/ECP parallel port
1 * 1.2MB/1.44MB/2.88MB floppy disk drive interface
IR Interface
2 * PCI IDE port (PIO mode 4)
Supports PS/2™ mouse Connector

Graphics :
On board VGA supports
1024 * 768 with 65536 high color and
1280 * 1024 with 256 colors

Supports two kinds of display devices-CRT monitor and TV

Sound :
3D surround sound
Full duplex playback and recording
Auto hardware switching mode between WSS (Windows Sound System) and SB ( Sound Blaster) without program setting
16 bit stereo 44KHz sampling rate voice playback / recording
Game Port
Standard IBM PC joystick / game port (dual channel)
External MIDI port for external MIDI keyboard

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