• 2D/Soft3D Windows Accelerator + TV-out Feature for Entertainment PC 97
    ExpertColor series of Canarias 2000, the first solution for Simultaneous and Dual Display
    Multimedia 64-bit Accelerator with Entertainment PC 97 compliance
    TV-output feature to allow gaming experiences in a large TV screen while someone else using the same PC for any other Windows Application
  • Design based on ExpertColor CANARIAS 2000 2D/Soft3D Graphics/Video Accelerator .
  • Supports 1MB EDO memory (model CA2212) upgradable to 2MB EDO (model CA2220)
  • Integrated 64 bit GUI Accelerator, Soft Direct3D Acceleration with 200 Mhz RAMDAC.
    * Soft3D acceleration of 3D games using Direct3D
    * VESA DDC2B, DPMS support
  • Patented Flicker - Free Technology includes TV Encoder for True TV output
  • Support H/V interpolation with edge smoothing for video up scaling (32x32 -> QCIF -> CIF -> Full Screen) and Filtering of video for quality down scaling
  • Simultaneous Dual and Multiple Display Hardware Support
  • Video Acceleration for MPEG & Live Video

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